Can You Drink Alcohol While On HCG Diet?

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Alcohol involves very high calories content, and even a glass of whiskey or wine can shoot up your intake of calories. Though, is it harmful to have an infrequent drink or two while on HCG diet? Let us look for the right answer to this:

HCG diet

Generally, alcohol is not suitable while on this diet plan. Though, limiting your consumption to 1-2 shots of beer, whiskey or vodka once in a week will cause no harm. In each diet plan, there are cheat days once in a week, when you can eat or drink whatever you wish. On this cheat day, you can take your weekly share of alcohol too.

This diet plan is generally known for its efficient and quick outcomes, and therefore is massively popular among individuals who strive hard to remain slim & trim. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is an all-natural hormone. This hormone retunes the hypothalamus gland and helps in losing weight. It is a low caloric diet which balances the intake of food, so that an individual consumes around 500 to 800 calories a day.

This is mingled with daily doses of HCG which helps in quick weight loss. There are several things that are strictly disallowed in this diet, alcohol being one of them. Individuals generally wonder whether they can use alcohol while on this diet, and if yes, then how much it will impact the process of weight loss.

Drinking Alcohol While Following This Diet Plan

Alcohol is a kind of addictive as it suppresses the brain’s aptitude to understand that you have had sufficient. It stimulates appetite and you feel starved. This is pursued by overeating as your brain is incapable to command you to stop craving. You have outsized portions of unhealthy snacks. This further makes you dehydrated, and you eventually end up drinking more and more alcohol.

Alcohol intake slows down the overall process of weight loss. Generally, the body burns fats and carbohydrates with the intention of getting energy, however when you drink alcohol, the body makes use of this alcohol for energy purpose. Thus, until all the alcohol in human bloodstream is not over, the human body doesn’t use the available amount of carbohydrates. As a result, whatever you consume is not metabolized and is transformed into fat molecules. Alcohol hinders the consumption of accumulated fat, which makes weight loss complex.

Alcohol eventually results in poor sleeping. When you drink alcohol prior sleeping, you generally come around in the middle of the night. It might be caused because of the fall in the blood sugar levels that make you feel starved. This ultimately results in poor sleeping, which is considered as one of the major causes behind gaining weight. Therefore, as much as possible, try to avoid alcohol at night prior go to sleep.

Drinking alcohol once in a week, and in moderate amount, is something that won’t have an effect on your diet. After successful completion of your HCG diet regimen, if you start taking alcohol more often, it is suggested that you keep the consumption in a limit to avoid weight gain.