Diet Schedule You Should Follow While On HCG Weight Loss Plan

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The HCG weight loss regimen was initially discovered by the British health expert Dr. Simeons who published a research paper with respect to his finding. This diet plan didn’t get instant attention from individuals but it ultimately became popular. In this diet plan, the hormone named as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin was used to get rapid weight loss. The placenta in expectant women produces HCG and it controls their metabolic functions all through the period of their pregnancy.

HCG weight lossThe importance of HCG weight loss drops and injections is that it reshapes an individual’s body and stimulates weight loss. When it is consumed with a restricted diet, muscle loss is avoided. This diet plan is highly restrictive as it only allows the followers to take 500 calories a day. It also suggests mild workout so as to promote good cardiovascular health. There are research reports that indicate HCG users to reduce a pound or two in one day. It is perfectly suitable for both men and women.

There are nutritionists who say that getting these diet shots is rather similar to consuming a placebo. Such diet shots are also used nowadays mainly for an increase in fertility. These nutritionists would rather suggest a diet that is healthy and low in calories foods in it associated with realistic eating habits rather than this diet plan. To have a perfect body shape and achieve weight loss, it is suggested to exercise on regular basis. The top nutritionist suggests this diet solution to those who would like to lose weight healthily, permanently and realistically.

If this diet plan is incredibly restraining with just 500 calories a day, the diet regimen is a realistic one that supports people to eat in a healthy and proper way. It is a system that an average person can simply pursue and is suitable for everyone. It comprises off all the details a dieter would wish to know regarding weight loss. It dismisses wrong notions and myths of people about weight loss. This diet solution encourages people to examine the foods they are eating. If the diet is filled with packed or processed foods that contain calories, fat and chemicals, they are not consuming healthily and are only accumulating more pounds within their bodies. The food they eat turn into sugar once inside the human body hence the reason why people become obese. With the intention of losing weight while still eating, this diet program suggests eating calories burning foods instead.

According to health and fitness experts, this weight loss regimen makes modifications to a follower’s diet depending upon the type of body and metabolic rate he/she has. Due to this, the follower starts to shed off extra pounds instantly, several individuals follow this program as it doesn’t need them to continually go to the gym and take nutritional supplements or diet drugs. It just has suggested meal plans that users should commit to. Individuals should give a try to this diet program for a healthy and sustainable weight loss.