Get The Skinny On The HCG Weight Loss Plan

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The HCG weight loss plan, even through very controversial, is rapidly growing in reputation. This is a supplement consumed all through the initial stage of 9 week regimen. This diet program is broken down into 3 week phases. The initial stage is the toughest of the program. You will undergo a process of bringing your body into malnourishment mode.

HCG weight loss After initiating with your supplement which is consumed 3 times on regular basis, you start the next 48 hours on a binge consumption emotion eating as many fat calories as you can probably eat. This step will be preceded with a 500 calorie diet a day. Drinking a minimum of a water gallon on daily basis starts to flush out extra fat from human body. This procedure will last for 24 days right after your binging period.

This diet plan encourages you to never miss out a meal and involve protein, fruits and vegetables. The protein is restricted to skinless chicken breast, veal, beef and selected white fish in addition to crab, lobster and shrimps. All proteins are not to weigh more than 100 grams prior cooking.

The vegetables are restricted to only once in a day per selection for dinner and lunch. You may have asparagus, lettuce, cabbage, onions, spinach, celery, tomatoes, beet greens and chard radishes. The choice of fruit is even smaller with just 2 serving in a day. That list includes a small sized orange, a small apple, 6-8 strawberries and a half grapefruit. The vegetables are restricted to only one time in a day per choice for dinner and lunch.

The only glycogen allowed is a melba toast or a breadstick. You may only have these stuffs during dinner or lunch without any duplication. Having all the non-calorie drinks, coffee or tea you wish is the bonus in this regimen. Only disadvantage is zero sugar allowed in these drinks. You do though get to season your choices with condiments and herbs such as limes, lemons, raw apple cider vinegar or sea salt.

Once you have endured the initial phase of the regimen you will stop taking HCG and stick with VLCD supplement. It will take you into the stabilization phase of the program. The stabilization phase will exempt all sugars and glucose from your diet. With the aim of continuing to boost your level of metabolism, you are asked to raise your intake of food with healthy portions of vegetables and lean meats in addition to low sugar fruits.

After the stabilization phase of HCG weight loss regimen is complete you afterward move on to the maintenance phase. Under this phase, you are obliged to a full diet without sugars or glucose. It is very significant to eat lots of protein all through this phase; lots of people can eat minimum 100 grams of true protein. This 3 weeks phase is crucial to the success of this diet plan. The HCG diet regimen claims to help you to lose anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds on daily basis. This is an amazingly rapid weight loss.