HCG Diet As A Natural Source To Lose Weight

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HCG is not a harmful chemical or a fake magical formula.  It is a part of nature and its abbreviation stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, in other words, it is a kind of hormone of a female body that is produced during the term of pregnancy. Now, you are possibly confused and wonder how this hormone can support you in losing weight. First of all, let us talk about some truly good news that demonstrate that HCG diet is an approved diet by medical professionals around the world, by the WHO (World Health Organization) itself, as it is healthy way of eliminating the fat tissues our organism do not need.

HCG DietThis weight loss regimen is specifically based upon the scientific discoveries and revelations of Dr. A.T.W Simeons. He was concentrated enough on discovering what made a woman body to shed off extra weight pounds all through the period of pregnancy. That is, all the research conducted by Dr Simeons lead towards the discovery that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet hormone was produced during that particular period of time.

This diet hormone is in charge of taking the accumulated fat reserves within a female body, afterward transferring them into healthy nutritional reserves and then feeding them to placenta. That is why, noticing that HCG fed off harmful fats in female organism, Dr Simeons abruptly came to the point that this diet hormone may also be very helpful in supporting people with obesity problems and it proved authentic. Therefore, today we know HCG as only diet hormone that nourishes and protects a fetus, but as a truly valuable source of diet. Until now, we have explained almost everything you should know about the HCG diet hormone prior you start your diet, let us see what HCG diet all about is and how this diet plan can implement to lose extra weight pounds.

First of all, when you come up with the thought of utilizing this diet for your benefit, you should familiar with the fact that the diet is based on drops or injections. They are injected inside your body by a professional physician and you cannot do it by yourself. At least, it is not a suitable thing to do it on your own. The time span of the treatment with these drops depends on how much weight you desire to lose and in which period of time.

The standard requirement of this weight loss regimen that lasts for 40 days, but it depends on your organism, your body and your inspiration of losing weight. During this time period, you are also advised to cut on the consumption of food, meaning not to eat tightfistedly and not to consume massive proportions of food, but you can carry on consuming healthy portions all through the day, normal portions of diet that your organism actually needs. If you are interested in reducing your superfluous weight, you should visit internet and you’ll certainly find a multiplicity of HCG products specifically formulated within the range of your budget.