Points To Consider During HCG Diet Maintenance Phase

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The maintenance phase is a 3 week time period after which you wind up your HCG diet drops or injections. Dr. ATW Simeons outlines some rules here regarding this diet phase. Here goes the list: You should weight yourself on daily basis. You should remain within 1-2 weight pounds of your last injection weight. You shouldn’t eat glucose or sugar.

HCG Diet During this diet phase, it is extremely significant to consume lots of protein; many people can consume minimum 100 grams of pure protein. If you go over 2 weight pounds, you should instantly do a steak day. You must be clear that this 3 week time period is essential to the success of this diet phase.

Throughout this diet phase, patients should realize that so-called carbohydrates, that are pastries, potatoes, bread, rice, sugar etc, are by far the most unsafe. If no amount of carbohydrates whatsoever are consumed, can be indulged in somewhat more generously and even little amounts of alcohol, for instance, a glass of wine in combination with meals, does no harm, however, as soon as starch and fats are collective things are responsible to get out of hand. This should be observed with great care throughout the initial 3 weeks after the treatment is ended or else dissatisfactions are almost certain to occur.

The day you have your last injection, you count 72 hours from that last diet shot, then you start your maintenance phase. Bear in mind, the time period to start this phase is not 3 days after your final injection, it is 72 hours. When you begin this 3 weeks maintenance phase, certainly boosts your calories to minimum 1500. You can find out your needed minimum calories using nutritious calculators. Don’t try to stick with 500 calorie diet after HCG is beyond your system, as you will become exhausted and weak, and your body will start to move into shutdown mode where it doesn’t burn up calories. It will entirely ruin your second phase, and you will have to begin all over.

Don’t need to be nervous, your weight will fluctuate a bit the initial week or two; this is a normal fact. A reset doesn’t indicate you never have any variation in weight, regular activities will see that you bound around a few. Do a steak day if you have a need. Your weight will ultimately become stable. This is your body adjusting in the new process. Observe the glucose and sugar consistently all through 3 weeks.

Once again saying, no sugar no glucose! Use a nutrition calculator to look it up in case it doesn’t have a label. Eat whatever you wish to eat, without sugar or starch, all through the maintenance phase. Make certain you are eating in sufficient amount; several people believe they need to keep eating like they are pursuing a diet plan, don’t do this. Use dairy products and healthy fats to up your intake of calories if needed. Get your sleep on time. Drink lots of water.